ClearPass – Configure AD as Authentication Source

To configure Active Directory as an Authentication source in ClearPass first, you should have ClearPass join the domain.

You can configure this by going to Administration > Server Manager > Server Configuration

In this example, I have used the hostname cppm with my FQDN

Now to define Active Directory as an Authentication Source, we do the following: Configuration > Authentication > Sources > Add. In my example I have used the following settings:

  • Name: This is the name of the authentication source. I find leaving it the same as the hostname makes it easy to identify if you’ve got multiple AD sources.
  • Type: Active Directory
  • Hostname: FQDN Hostname of AD server
  • Bind DN: This is an administrative user that has admin rights to view AD groups
  • Base DN: This is the base group to lookup, I usually find dc=<domain>,dc=<TLD> is usually sufficient

For reference, if you are following my other ClearPass guides, this is how I have by Active Directory groups configured:

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